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Complete your Home Project Hotel Remodel Space with Us

Complete your Home Project Hotel Remodel Space with Us


Our selection of high-quality products is sure to impress, and our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help. Whether you’re looking for a new tile floor or a luxurious kitchen, we have just what you need.




A comprehensive selection of top-of-the-line brands perfect for business or commercial settings. 


Daniel Kervel


Daniel manages and is in charge of the global experience. His Engineering and Costumer Relations background combined, make him a great ally in the elaboration of complex premium projects. His experience in design and his critical and distinctive point of view becomes an attribute highly valued by our distinguished clients.

Jenner Florez

Showroom Manager

Jenner is our in-house guru, he has been working in the Home-improvement industry for more than 20 years, providing solutions to residential and commercial projects. He has an enormous drive for new technologies and the direct relationship between high-tech and functionality. Jenner offers great expertise, who delivers the KOHLER philosophy with attention to detail, exceeding expectations, and building long-term relationships with our community.

Diana Monasterios

Design Consultant

Diana has experience in international projects, specifically premium kitchens, bath design and complete homes. As an Architect, It is through needs, assessment, good design sense and clear understanding of a client’s goals and desired aesthetics that a successful and ultimate outcome is reached. Her attention to detail will help you to build the perfect space for any lifestyle.


Assistant Manager

Eddie’s background in Customer Service and Retail enables him to offer an innovative and creative customer experience, assuring the satisfaction of every customer. He is in charge of supervising that the service in the store is optimal, acting as a middle-point between our Design Consultants and our backend team. His enthusiasm to assist and guide customers is unparalleled.

Architects & Designers

At KOHLER BY GROF we fully understand your needs as an architect & designer. We understand the importance of finding the right products for each type of project, using our experience and advice that helps add value to projects and reduce costs, the need for reliable delivery times, and having a team of Design Consultants, with product knowledge and account managers available to you with every step.

Builders & Remodelers

At KOHLER BY GROF we recognize your needs as a builder and remodeler altogether. The added value of service and experience to each project, consult on any aspect of the complete task, the need for dependable delivery time is the pillar of any plan. This all with help of our team of Design Consultants that can make any project be a realization.

Contractors & Service Plumbers

We understand your needs, your type of work requires quick and positive responses, and for this, we have an extensive selection that covers the broadest market needs. With an advanced logistics and customer service system, we can provide you with immediate solutions to ensure the success of your work.

Tile Wholesalers

At Vives by GROF, with more than 60 years of experience in the tile industry, you will have the experience, quality and support of a solid group with a high reputation in the world of interior design and projects. You will have personalized attention, immediate response and highly competitive prices, while you will be working with one of the most recognized brands in the world, Vives.


KOHLER BY GROF has created a strategic advantage by investing in a special showroom in our region, we understand that using all 5 senses is key to any purchase and is one of our strengths. We constantly strive to provide solutions for any space, providing options in our displays, optimizing our services through our design consultants, generating strategic alliances and training each of them to together achieve our objectives.

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